Ever since childhood, we were taught the basic home cleaning rules to follow in Indianapolis, Indiana. Whether we like it or not, it’s a chore we are always going to be obligated to carry out.

Funny thing about this is, that sometimes families tend to argue because of conflicting schedules at home doesn’t leave much time to clean up..

But there really is nothing better than having a clean house to live in. So here are some home cleaning tips and methods to consider if you want a smooth home cleaning service.

Indianapolis House Cleaning Checklist and Chores

Have a checklist and set schedules for general home cleaning duties. Each member of the family should be given a checklist to have them achieve their assigned chores.

Set deadlines as to when chores should be accomplished. By doing this, the entire home cleaning in Indianapolis process will be much easier and organized with a great sense of satisfaction for everyone at the end of the day.

Perform your Indy home cleaning one room at a time. By doing this, you will be certain that all the rooms will be taken care of as if it were a house cleaning service doing them.

The Living room should be especially taken care of for it is where your visitors will spend most of their time interacting with the entire family.

Extreme detailed cleanings must be done in the kitchen, it is where you prepare the food you eat with the family. If possible, choose your home cleaning products carefully when starting out, be careful when you use multiple disinfectants to avoid chemicals from being mixed together.

If you’re going to use one you’re not sure of, make sure to seal off certain areas like the food prep area and cover utensils or anything that could be put in to the mouth when eating.

Home Cleaning Tips for children

Have the children clean their own bedrooms, especially with picking up and folding of the clothes, dusting off, changing sheets, and arranging stuff which include sorting out dirty and clean clothes.

Make sure to thoroughly clean the furniture. Not just to make the house more enticing,  but to make the durability of furniture’s materials last longer.



Take extra care of your carpets.Vacuuming is a very important step in keeping the carpet clean. Make sure to do it frequently to avoid grainy particles from building up in the carpet itself which could shorten the life of your carpet.

For effective carpet cleaning, divide it into quadrants and vacuum the whole part before moving on to the next. Especially with families having babies, playing is mostly done in the carpeted ares so be certain that it is properly cleaned and dirt-free.


How To Deal With Dust Mites

One of the commonly asked questions for home cleaning services in the Indianapolis area. How to handle issues with dust mites around the home. These are microscopic insects that can trigger allergic reactions to those who have asthma or more common to have allergic reactions especially in children.

First off, try not to buy wool blankets. Dust mites love to stick to it like glue. Vacuum methodically at least once or twice a week.

In cases of known dust mite problems that have become uncontrollable, never hesitate to contact a house cleaning company that specializes in dust mite removal.

Some home cleaning services use powerful commercial steam cleaning machines has proven to get rid of most dust mite problems.

They can also alter the nature of the allergens they produce resulting in a more positive living environment. This way, you end up with a lot less of a dust mite problem in all parts of your home. Check out what our house cleaning services can do for your family.