Are you having trouble locating a quality house cleaner in Indianapolis? It’s not likely that a decent house cleaner is just going to walk in right when you need them. Without preparation and work, it’s impossible to be aware of what you need exactly. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t decide if a house cleaner suits your needs. Create a list of desired qualities in a cleaning service using our general rules.

One of the worst assumptions you can make when you receive low quotes is that the quality of the work is determined by the price the house cleaning service provider charges. You should compare the cost of labor and cleaning supplies against the bid presented. Remember to take other costs into account as well, like company overhead. If the pricing is right, draw yourself up a contract.


Lovely summer weather encourages customers to start new cleaning projects, making it the prime work season for house cleaners. Be cautious about hiring them during this time of year. Many house cleaners will overbook and not have enough time to finish all of their work in the summer. Make sure you’re very clear on the time commitment they’re offering you and that they let you know how busy they actually are.

When meeting with a cleaner about your project, it is critical that you clearly voice your expectations and communicate your vision appropriately. Make sure the local cleaning service repeats your expectations in their own words so that there are not any misunderstandings. Work with them to establish a realistic timeline that can provide accountability to your house cleaner and let you plan accordingly. The contract will also need to include any special requests from the cleaner like cleaning inside of cabinets, deep bathroom cleaning, washing window panes or other additional needs.

House cleaners are expected to provide an accurate estimate. Expect a firm estimate when you have provided detailed instructions about the project. Accepting a verbal work estimate isn’t a good practice, so ensure that you always get the estimate in writing. Never work with a house cleaner that isn’t willing to provide you with a proper estimate for the job and just move on to someone that will.

Finding a great house cleaner is not really a process which can be rushed. Depend on any advice your family and friends can give you, and request referrals. Online searches and local directory sites can also be a great place to connect with prospective house cleaners. Improve your chances of successfully finding the perfect house cleaner by interviewing as many as possible.