We are a commercial cleaning services company in Indianapolis, Indiana. We provide a cost effective commercial cleaning service for businesses in the Indy area. We have flexible schedules and the most reasonable cleaning rates in the Indianapolis and greenwood areas.

Our Building Services provide experienced professionals at very competitive prices.
If your organization feels like it’s not getting the attention to detail or the best cleaning rates in town, give us a call and let us prepare a detailed cleaning service proposal for you. Do-it-yourself cleaning can be frustrating work and may not be the best use of your people’s time.

Even if you are a small suburban company, you deserve the same access to top Indianapolis commercial cleaning services that much larger firms use. Whether you require a daily detailed cleaning service or just weekend dusting, mopping and vacuuming, HCSI will make sure it’s done right and at the best price possible.

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Indy Office Cleaning Services

Having an Indianapolis commercial cleaning company or a carpet cleaner come in to keep your business organized and well maintained can be really beneficial. Hiring an office cleaner can make things so much easier then doing all the regular cleaning at work.
A busy professional life has its own setbacks and having a cluttered office is probably one of them. Remember the first time you moved into your new building? Everything was so clean, the brand new equipment and furniture looked nice. The clutter and mess was nowhere to be found.

But months after, you probably noticed your workplace crammed full of papers, supplies and commercial office equipment. Having a cluttered work area is not just unsightly and annoying to you, but it can also affect your work attitude and business. Having an organized and clean place of business in Indianapolis will keep you focused and motivated to complete your daily tasks. A lot of business professionals do not have time to keep their office clean and don’t have janitorial or maintenance personnel to do it for them.

Here Are a Few Practical Commercial Cleaning Tips

1. First, you need to put together your own organizing system to plan your local office cleanup. Being more organized will give you scheduled tasks to be completed. Set a regular cleaning schedule and do not wait for the mess to pile up. Work quickly and efficiently within the time you have for cleaning up your office.
2. You can start by getting rid of all the clutter that covers your desk, shelves and tables. Take away everything like old memos, working drafts and all other stuff that you do not need anymore. Get ahold of the waste basket (or paper recycling bin) so you can immediately dispose of everything that you do not need anymore.

You can also have a box to place everything you want to keep. The last step in this process is pretty simple. All clutter goes to the trash while all those that need safekeeping or filing goes to the box.

3. Updated filing cabinets and organized storage helps you a lot in maintaining the cleanliness of your office buildings. Plus, they can help you save time and energy when you try to look for the things that you need. Use cabinets and shelves to keep your papers from piling up on your carpet. Label your files and make sure that the items are organized according to fixed categories such as notes, letters, documents, contracts and financial records.

Place only the things that you need to work on for the day on your desk. Once a day’s work is done, you can put those papers into filing cabinets that can be organized by priority.

4. Take a second look at your layout. Make sure that your desk does not eat up needed working space or prevent easy movement around the room. Keep office supplies like pens, clips, post it notes and staplers inside your desk drawers. Place the computer and the phone somewhere that you would have easy access to.

Place other equipment such as printers, fax machines and folders on shelves that would not take away the needed space. A good layout also means good lighting. Allow as much natural light to get inside your office to make it appear calmer.

5. Do a hour of office cleaning on a weekly basis. Taking a few minutes every day to dust the phone, desk, shelves, cabinets, and wood. Wipe or clean the windows a couple times a month. This will probably save you hours of cleaning up once things get busy again. Let in fresh air into the room by opening up a window for a few minutes.

Emptying your trash can and cleaning up your desk at the end of each day’s work will also be very helpful in keeping you from needing a professional cleaning service. A clean desk will also be a welcome sight when you get in your office the following day.

A clean and organized office will help you work more efficiently and effectively. Putting these cleaning tips into good use can help you have a cleaner workplace. A good working environment can make each day a lot more fulfilling. A clean office is something that you owe to yourself more than anything else! Have a local office cleaner take care of your business.

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